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September 9, 2013

Yay! It is well and truly spring and we couldn’t be happier. We are thinking cute summer dresses and, of course, shoes that scream summer. Call It Spring’s new collection takes us to a forgotten seaside resort and amusement park. The boys skateboard in empty pools and across the promenade while girls play hard-to-get at the arcade, sipping on Slurpees and wearing sorbet-tinted wedges. Don’t you want to be them?

We love the new bags, accessories and shoes available at Call It Spring, which is why we are giving a R500 voucher to one lucky Grazia reader. To stand a chance to win, comment below telling us why you love spring.



Competition closes: Friday September 20

  • Nqobile Mthembu

    Spring is always a great time to be alive. For one you don’t feel miserable because of the harsh winter cold, Spring always breathes new life into your experiences. It is bold, colourful and a fresh new way that brings opportunity and new ideas to every thing we do. From the clothing, to the food we eat every thing is born anew in Spring.

  • Nooreen

    The reason why I love spring, I mean now what is there not to love about spring its Blooming flowers, warmer days. Bonus you get to wear all your pretty dresses and cute sandals and enjoy the weather really. Who doesn’t like some floral in their wardrobe it will brighten up and give your wardrobe some life. #Fingerscrossed I would love that voucher :)

  • Megs H

    Awesome Giveaway! This has “Megs” written all over it! Hello!? My love of fashion AND Spring? I love Spring because it is full of flowers,
    fruits, birds twittering and singing, new green leaves shows up on
    the branches of the trees after the winter. It is the sign of life
    all over the land. And we feel much more sexy than in other seasons of
    the year. That’s why it is called the king of all seasons.Oh please please please pick me <3 Fingers crossed :) xxx

  • Nasika baijnath

    I love the crisp mornings, warm evenings, spring flowers, birds chirping and slight breezes

  • thulisilekhumalo


  • Jenny

    Spring makes me think of long, lazy days filled with friends, wine, sangria, pizza, the smell of lavender, the sight of legs getting tanned & the sweet sound of birds expressing the delight at the approach of spring

  • simone

    i love spring because it is fresh and colorful. its a time to forget about what you have lost and focus on the new beginnings in your life. a time to watch flowers that where once dead grow back from nothing to the most beautiful flowers ever, and that counts not only for flowers but for us people as well. its a time to have fun in the sun and love life to the fullest <3

  • cirsten van den heuvel

    I love spring because in spring time you can dress spring, eat spring, breathe spring and see spring.

  • Dawn Wallenkamp

    I love Spring because you can drive to work when it is light and get home before it is dark, plus there is the smell of the blossoms, the birds, the bees and the beautiful green trees.

  • Bernice Harman

    I <3 SPRING because it means that WINTER is OVER! I love the long awaited season with new blooms and bursts of colour!

  • Adele

    I love spring, warmer weather, pretty dresses, suntanning, cocktails, long walks along the beach. Just feels happier when its not so cold

  • Chantel Mathiesen

    I Love everything about Spring, The weather, the flowers and all the new life it brings.

  • Liesel Grobler

    I was just telling a friend I love it that the trees are flowering again and the grass is green!

  • Fashionista CT ♥

    awesome article!

  • Gaelyn Cokayne

    Spring means we get to shed our layers, crawl out from hibernation, rediscover our fit and happy outdoor selves!

  • Gram Moodley

    I love spring because the its warmer and can use pretty floral dresses,

  • Sasha

    Beautiful weather, brighter colours, happier people!

  • Tanita van Niekerk

    I love spring because the the crisp mornings and warm sunshine lift my mood and give me promises of the beach weather that is to follow.

  • Lulu-belle B Mrubata

    i love spring because of the fresh scent of blooming flowers, the pop of colour they add not only to our gardens but also to our wardrobes. i love the playful prints and bright florals we get in our stores, tea party dresses, colourful sandles and the pastel nail colours we get to play with.we bloom in spring,step out of the mono tone colours we had gotten used to. spring brings along happiness! #sigh , i just love spring… :-)

  • Daniella

    I love spring because it gives you that “feel good all over” feeling :)

  • Nosiphiwo Mayekiso

    I love spring because it brings new beginnings. Even a seed sown in the most desert of land, grows into a beautiful site. It’s the sense of flourishing into a brighter and better being with the start of spring that makes it so wonderful

  • Nokulunga Ncube

    I love spring because that’s when happiness,sunshine and all things positive starting trending again after the winter blues. Bring on the sunshine!!!

  • Kay-lee Muller



  • Jade

    I love Spring, because when the sun and the flowers smile, I Smile. How can anyone feel dull in a time of colour :)


    its awesome i get wear all the good stuff did i mention its awesome

  • Ling Ling Addison Sheperd

    Spring is the thawing of world of the icy winter, we just had, cheeks are redder and the fun is back.

  • Lauren Van Wyk

    Everything about September makes me SMILE! Sunnier days, bright beautiful flowers everywhere, and of course my Birthday! Sunshine Smiles and my Birthday what more could I ask for… oh… to WIN this comp! :)

  • Camille Darne

    Spring means FLOWERS!
    (In my hair, in my garden, in my vases, on my cupcakes, on my clothes and on my shoes.)
    And basically Flowers equal happiness.
    That’s the short and sweet of it.

  • Amy M de Jager

    My Birthday Season – I wake up to the birds singing, it’s invigorating. I just love the idea of life renewed. Gives me hope for a brighter future & the flowers are so PRETTY!

  • Amanda Sevasti

    The jacarandas blooming, bright dresses, the warm breeze on my bare legs… and being able to wear strappy sandals again of course :)

  • Evanthia Johnston

    I love showing off my skin during Spring after it was in hibernation for the Winter.

  • Carla Michelle Pegg

    I love the smell of jasmine, the feeling of the sun warming my skin instead of a heater, the gorgeous clothes, and the longer days :)

  • Natasha Eniye Okah

    Reasons why I love Spring:

    1. Looking forward to the end of winter and the start of warmer weather.The amazing feeling of your sun on your face and being able to get out more.

    2. The mass of daffodils that are so emblematic of spring. Flowers really do add beauty to the environment.

    3.The great feeling of putting away your winter clothes and be able to go out without having to pile on layers.

    5. As spring approaches, we can see the days getting longer.

    6. Being able to shop at Call it Spring.

    7. Being cooped up indoors for what seems like eternity, or almost freezing to death every time you go out, it’s great being able to enjoy going out more. It’s warmer, it’s sunnier, and you can enjoy sitting outdoors.

    8. Spring makes me feel optimistic,enthusiastic,energized and full of plans.
    I like to get out more and be more active. It’s probably the sun affecting our brain chemistry, but spring makes me want to do so many things!

  • Nicola Meyer

    I love Spring for the blue skies, beautiful flowers and the casting off of the Winter blues

  • Neo

    Reason why I love Spring? Whats not to love… New beginnings, the fresh foods, crispycool drinks, friends, fun and laughter. When that sun kisses your skin with its warmth one can’t help but be in a good mood. Its love all the way ’round :)

  • Cassy

    Spring is the most beautiful and colourful time of year. The weather is that perfect combination of warm and breezy, and the seasons fashion is fun, feminine and full of life – the patterns, colours, florals, styles, frills – there is no other time quite like it. Spring is when the earth breaths life into the air, leaving everybody refreshed and ready for anything.

  • Christine Kuch

    Light, colours, fragrances on breezes, warmth: – just bursting with energy as it everything around me. Really uplifting at this time of the year. Happy!

  • Katalin Mercer

    The scent of jasmine, the birds & bees; Fresh new blossoms in the trees; The brightness & happiness it’s sure to bring; That is the beauty of glorious Spring!

  • Chelsea E Britz

    The chill of winter leaves us with the fresh spring air. Spring is just lovely and happy and bright and fun. Spring is laughing and dancing and sitting in the soft sunlight. Spring means my dresses and skirts can come out of hibernation and my sunnies and bright nail polish can come out of retirement.

  • Gugu_A1

    I love them because they killed the ’75% off SALE’ they had at Cresta last season, they really stole my heart because some of us lost it there… PS I love their bags, etc.

  • nicole naude

    I ♥ spring as its not only a time where the sun gets warmer and flowers blossom and share their beauty with us. It is also a time when we can pack our boots away, and start to walk the streets im wedges and sandals of all styles and colours.

  • NADZ

    I LOVE SPRING because like a new pair of shoes or a new handbag it makes me smile :)

  • Sasha Reddy

    Spring is pure bliss! Its a time where anything can happen, a time for new beginnings. Somehow when the weathers this perfect, the food tastes better, the wine much crisper and the company of family and friends more memorable. Its a season that uplifts and motivates. The colours and bursts of freshness begin to emulate in everything we do and everywhere you go.

  • Wiedaad Adonis

    The smell of fresh blossom, the hint of warm sunshine and the subtle hue of late sunsets. Mash these with a perfect touch of floral and and pastel accessories and you’re ready to enjoy the finest mixed cocktails along a coastal chic bar. Who wouldn’t love spring!!

  • Vuyokazi

    I love spring because it brings out the best in people – fashion-wise, especially. Spring is the blissful season that revives all that autumn destroyed and everything is beautiful in Spring… much like everything at Call It Spring!

  • Kelly

    Spring brings new life to all that are living around us. Colour is added to everything, flowers blossom and all the bright colours start to come out of the closet. No need to hide the lilly white legs, skirts and shorts can be worn and fun exciting shoes and accessories. Its one of the most beautiful and enspiring seasons for fashion

  • Lois Carol Wessels

    Spring always inspires me with fresh hope & optimism the sight go greenery emerging from barren ground, blossoms appearing new green shoots and leaves growing on apparently dead brown trees – All the emerging signs of a fruitful & growing earth is so uplifting & encouraging!!!!!!

  • Ra-eesa Moosa

    I love spring as it brings warmth, lovely flowers that bloom , taking away all that gloom from winter. The best part of spring is that my little boy and I share our birthdays durings this wonderful season!

  • Carmen Canary

    I love Spring. :) The air and my skin tone becomes warmer. The birds’ song changes and so does my wardrobe. These shoes are needed

  • Vongai Mudzamba

    Spring has sprung,
    the birds have sung,
    the trees are green,
    the air is so clean,
    Gotta love the spring
    I relax with my king
    only one more thing
    could make me sing
    more than the flowers
    and the sun showers
    and that’s if i could win
    win with a big grin

  • jamie-lee markgraaff

    spring is the time for creativity, time to get out of your comfort zone and experiment with different colors, shades, and prints. Spring also brings out a certain vibe in everyone where you just want to go out and meet new people do exciting things. I just love spring.

  • jessica

    spring is a fabulous time of the year when the flowers start to blossom and the bright colors of fashion come out from hiding in my cupboard !
    I love keeping on trend with beautiful shoes to update my summer look !

  • natasha

    for me spring is all about fashion and colour and exposing our beatiful body from too much clothing of winter…showing off beatiful legs wit floral dressess and sum nice wedges and heels wit colourful nails and beautiful make up…so spring wil make u outgoing hearing da birds singing and smiling al the way

  • Samantha

    Spring is personal to me. It is symbolic of preparation and transformation of the mind and the heart; evident in the careful planning that goes into our wardrobes, look and style. Spring is a confidence booster. It lifts up our spirits and builds our self-image (the way we see ourselves). It gives us mornings to look forward to and promises life and prosperity. It influences how we dress and what we wear – pretty pastels, fab florals, all things bright and beautiful. Fashion is not just about what we wear; it’s about reflecting what we feel on the inside. Spring is optimistic and when we feel good we tend to want to look good. That’s why I love Spring.

  • Heidi Visser

    Loving the smell of jasmine & fruit blossoms in the air! There surely can be no other place like SA, and more specifically JHB in spring time! How amazing are the sunsets right now?! Weekends are spent wining & dining outside, savoring all this gorgeous nature beauty, with a strappy dress and some strappy sandals or heels! Aah – what a life we live! Love SPRING!

  • samantha-jane samaai

    pretty flowers,
    not having to lug a heavy coat around,
    Warmer weather, no more RAIN and COLD! Having a sun kissed glow, cocktails in Camps Bay. Longer days
    Going for long walks
    ummm nicer fruit
    Warm air and slight breezes, while walking in a cute dress being all sexy with a kick ass pair of wedges! and freshly pedicured toe nails…..I CAN SOOOO FEEL IT!

    Yup, that would be why I LOVE Spring! oh, and because I’m born in the month of September as well;)
    Mail me with my prize please:) we all know I win this prize! lol *this site needs italics*

  • Salochana Naidoo

    It’s a season of new beginnings and hope :)

  • Modupe Oloruntoba

    Spring = fresh air, fresh flowers, fresh fruit, and fresh fashion! There’s literally joy in the air; what’s not to love?

  • Leigh

    I love the feeling of the warm sun on my skin again ♥
    Wearing pretty clothes and open toe shoes ♛
    The first rains that make the grass grow and the air smell fresh ·٠•●
    The flowers that pop up every where =)
    But most of all it represents new beginnings ★

  • Daniella du Plessis

    The sun is shining. It’s warm, You can dance in the rain, listen to the birds. Attend beautiful garden parties, and you have an excuse to drink cocktails and eat ice-cream. Most importantly it is the time to fall in love.

  • Roanne Naidoo

    There’s a crispness in the air, brightly coloured flowers all around, and everyone’s in good spirits… You can feel the vibrancy everywhere you go :)