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February 13, 2014

It’s Valentines Day tomorrow, which means one thing: it’s time to bring out the top-drawer lingerie! We love Sissy Boy for its amazing  denim, but now it’s time to get sexy with it’s 2014 lingerie collection. The collection features body suits, bras and full slips in a variety of prints and fabrics. From all-in-black to leopard print and lacy, Sissy Boy masterfully celebrates a woman’s shape and draws attention to all the right places.


Now we are giving you the chance to #loveyourself comment below or tweet us @GraziaSAmag and @sissyboyjeans using the hashtag #loveyourself to win two sets of Sissy Boy underwear. You know you want to.

The competition closes tomorrow so hurry!

*Note: Sizes 32A – 36C available only.

  • Stephanie Marz (@steffi_marz)

    Beautiful lingerie would be a dream Grazia South Africa Mag! :) Would also be a perfect gift to me this Valentine’s #loveyourself

  • Amalia Appleton

    A girl can never have enough underwear, and she can never feel too Beautiful… Amazing give away!! #loveyourself

  • Hester Gikas

    Please please please let me win and #lovemyself, all my underwear dates back from high school and there’s always more important things to buy than what’s underneath!

  • Ling Ling Addison Sheperd

    ooooh yeah

  • Nooreen

    I would love to win a gorgeous set of Sissy Boy lingerie, like they say a stunning set of Lingerie and make you feel like a million dollars, #loveyourself Stunning Valentines gift to myself from Grazia ;) Fingerscrossed

  • Nadia Swartbooi

    Those look amazing and I struggle finding my bra size and end up with underwear that doesn’t match .
    so pretty please make my day <3

  • Susann

    So gorgeous! #loveyourself

  • Leigh

    I am embracing my newly single status :) and what better way to celebrate the day of love then by loving myself first! For the first time in a long time.. “Im doing me!” And as all woman know, nothing makes you feel sexier then an amazing set of lingerie ;).. I wear it for me, not for anyone else :) And when I feel good it radiates through any room. and if a hottie just happens to pick up on those good vibes then its just an extra bonus ;) #loveyourself

  • Miss Ash

    nothing makes a woman feel good about herself when feeling down other than a sexy pair of heels, a gorgeous skirt or a beautiful hairdo. but what makes a woman feel great when she is feeling down is a bad-ass sexy pair of underwear, its a feeling as if she can conquer the world… secretly… #loveyourself even when the world has its back against you. <3

  • bellyhearts

    Sissy Boy Lingerie is perfect, it makes me feel gorgeous #loveyourself

  • Gina Booth

    Sissy Boy makes every woman feel incredible, sexy and powerful. What better way than to start right at the core with sexy lingerie? Love Sissy Boy. Love myself. #loveyourself

  • Michandre Malan

    If you have sexy lingerie on it make a women more confident, since if one feels sexy underneath, one gains extra confident to take on the day! Sissy boy lingerie is beautiful and its really comfortable to wear! I know I love my Sissy boy colthing I have. #loveyourself

  • Samantha Rodrigues

    Nothing like a pair of sexy stiletto’s and gorgeous underwear to make a woman feel like she can take over the world! Confidence starts with you loving yourself! #loveyourself

  • NashuA

    You cannot love someone first without loving yourself first, and what better way to feel loved than with a pair of sissy boy lingerie #loveyourself

  • Megs H

    You really have to look inside yourself and find your own inner
    strength, and say, “I’m proud of what I am and who I am, and I’m just
    going to be myself. #loveyourself

  • stephanie

    Would love some sexy new underwear celebrating my body that carried my daughter for 9 months #loveyourself

  • Gerda

    Perfect lingerie!

  • Tracy Kent

    Wow! Pick me!!! These are beautiful & I’d love to treat myself & my man. And they’d go perfectly with the black stilettos I’m wearing tomorrow… ;) #loveyourself

  • RehanaSeedat.5

    rehana seedat email: There’s something about the secret power of underwear, the untold secret of feeling sexy. I’ve always believed its not only about what you wear on the outside that makes you stand taller and more confident, it’s what you wear underneath all that which impacts the way you feel. It gives you a feisty feminine feeling that only you would understand but everyone around you can feel. Having silky soft luxurious underwear on your body gives you a feeling of sex appeal that every women needs to feel. With Sissy Boy you get all that and a little bit more:) Would make my day to win this much loved & wanted giveaway. Yes pls #loveyourself

  • Cornell

    Nothing boots your self-confidence like wearing some beautiful lingerie and only you knowing it and these sets are perfect for that boost!! #loveyourself

  • Rayne Toni Alexander

    I am NOT a Singleton yet my boyfriend works as a diver so once again we will not be together on Valentines Day (or until May) and these will definitely life my spirits! Gorgeous, sexy and sophisticated to make any single or taken woman feel beautiful <3

  • mbalenhle

    I truly believe that love stats with loving yourself before you can love someone else .Nothing says i LOVE you more than sissy boy underwear, no bra under -wire marks or sagging boobies here -giving you that confidence PUSH-UP ALL DAY, EVERYDAY….i can say that sissy boy lingerie and i have been in love for years, and we are going strong:)#loveyourself

  • Anita Steenkamp

    I want them pretty please!!! Need some sexy underwear hubby hasn’t seen before

  • ohwedreamalife

    I would really love to win a set :)

  • Jacqueline Webb

    I would really love a new pair, two is better! it looks sexy, and I want to feel sexy again thanks to Sissy Boy intimates #loveyourself

  • Karin Stewart

    Sexy, quality and style – that’s what I love about Sissy Boy!

  • Daniella

    Nothing beats wearing a Beaufiful set of underwear #loveyourself

  • Amanda

    Loving yourself means more than what you look like, it’s how you carry yourself and how you let others treat you. I am definitely loving myself more this year, being kind to myself, no more self loathing and self distractive ways. Winning Sissy boy intimates will have a positive impact to this promise I’ve made to myself :) #loveyourself

  • Sherron Ledwaba

    Loving the fact that iam living each day like it was my last, seize the day as you don’t know what tomorrow maybe bring – love ur self and those important in ur life #loveyourself

  • Jenny

    i have always loved their items & would love to wear there for my partner!!

  • Wendy Fleming

    This would make the most amazing birthday present for my 26 year old daughter who has the most amazing little body!

  • Leigh-Ann

    I need to update my lingerie cupboard and these spicy little numbers would make the perfect addition!!! Plus it would spice things up in the bedroom and give me amazing confidence in and out of clothing!