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August 3, 2012

Make sure you do not miss our ‘Cheating Kirsten’ cover story… trust us you need to read all about the cheating and what is next for the broken couple. Let’s face it, we all want to know what is going on.

You followed our Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Cape Town tweets, now see our ‘Cape Town Fashion fairytale’ on page 16 as well as the best of the collections on page 18 and 19.

As for fashion we won’t give away the good stuff but here is what we will say: oh so pretty pastels (page 30), perfect polka dots (page 33) and glammed up knits (page 51), not to mention our fab ‘Dispatches from the Fashion Cupboard’.

And finally although we have long finished Fifty Shades of Grey we covert our inner Dominatrix with lipstick and eyeshadow on page 74.


Enjoy the issue. xxx