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Colour My Love

July 9, 2012

OPI’s Try It On Color Studio is a fun Facebook and iPhone app that allows you try out all the current OPI shades against an adjustable skin tone grader, favourite those that you love for the next time you’re in the salon and view all the colours in their latest collection. Warning: scrolling through the playful names and rainbow of colours can be mesmerising!

If you have iPhone download it free in the App Store, or play on OPI’s Facebook page.

Select the right skin tone for you in the Studio

See and view each of the colours in the latest OPI collections

"Into The Night" in the Amazing Spider-Man collection

Create your personal list of favourites

Search the entire OPI collection, by name and number, including shades that have been retired

Play on Facebook too - you can change the length of your nails and your skin tone!