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June 24, 2015

Over tweezed over the years? The eyebrows of your dreams are now a reality, if and only IF you happen to find yourself in New York City and have around $7 500 to spend on the procedure.  That’s right girls, eyebrow hair transplants are now finally a thing in life, thanks to one Dr Keith Durante . Dr Durante is a board certified surgeon with practices in NYC and Southampton, USA.  He offers a service called the ‘Cara package’ that will give you the brows of your dreams, forever!  Asked about his favourite procedure Dr Durante said, “one of my favourite is eyebrow restoration. People take for granted the impact the eyebrow can have on a youthful appearance. Thick, full eyebrows signify youth and vitality. Eyebrows thin with age, and we lose an important contrast element of the face, along with loss of luster of the eyes and even definition of the cheekbones”. We could not agree with the doc more! Now, who is going to sponsor our trip to NYC?

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