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September 30, 2013


Guinot Minceur Chrono Logic Slimming Cream, R511

New to the South African market, this body-slimming cream aims to target and treat cellulite, and tones the appearance of your skin in just 15 days. It’ll leave you with supple skin and noticeable contours.


Africology Slimming Detox Cream, R300

Known to work better when applied after exfoliating, this slimming and firming cream also helps the body to burn excess fat as one of its active ingredients is caffeine.


!QMS Pro Body Exfoliator, R630, and Revilatizing Lift-O-Firm Body, R835

Start by gently removing dead skin cells with the Pro Body Exfoliator, then finish off the process by using the Lift-O-Firm, which helps sculpt and firm your problem areas. They are sold separately or together in a pack.


The Body Shop Spafit Smoothing & Refining Body Scrub, R250

This zesty citrus scrub (with a hint of ginger) not only removes dead skin, but also gets your blood flowing as you massage your skin. It leaves your skin feeling revitalised and moisturised, too!


Nivea Firming Body Oil, R90

Boost your skin’s firmness and remove imperfections like stretch marks with this light and easy-to-use body oil, which also improves skin elasticity. Apply it to problematic areas on wet or dry skin.


As easy as all this sounds, you do have to put in a little effort, too. Applying these products once a week is not going to be effective: stay active, use them as per instructions, and massage, massage, massage! This improves blood flow, waking up idle cells that cause the cellulite because they don’t rebuild or regenerate.