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MBFWCT : Emerging Designer Showcase

July 23, 2012

The partnership of African Fashion International (AFI) and the Cape Town Fashion Council (CTFC) will be showcasing 5 emerging designers at the inaugural Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Cape Town.

The featured five designers, chosen by the AFI panel of leaders in the fashion, media and clothing and textile industry for their ability to mould their fashion brands into sustainable business platforms.


Pumeza Mekuto of Black Coal Clothing:

“The highlight for this year’s Spring/Summer 2012/13 collection is the fact that I’m introducing men’s wear with a nautical theme. The main colour palette consists of red, blue, white and mustard and is a celebration of denim in my signature items – the tunic dress, the jumpsuit and shirt dress – with an introduction of colours, red & yellow.”


Celeste Lee Arendse of Selfi:

“I’m drawing inspiration from the 20th century art nouveau art movement but focusing on specific artist and architects of the time…. I find that era especially interesting and, as such, I will be focusing on Spanish architect Antonio Gaudi and Austrian painter Gustiv Klimt as both of their works are very organic in appearance. The silhouette will be 50′s with Klimt-inspired colours of beautiful pastel greens, orange soft nudes and peachy tones. I will infuse these with strong hints of primary colour”

Robyn Victor of August Clothing:

“The August Spring/Summer collection that will be showcased at MBFWCT is a play on style contradictions – it’s youthful and bohemian, yet sophisticated. Masculine, yet soft and feminine. The range personifies the Cape Town lifestyle which is relaxed and unrestricted while drawing on international influences that make up this cosmopolitan city. The colour palette is inspired by desert landscapes and dreamy sunsets – a blend of bold, vibrant primary colours with a soft muted tone.”

Tarien Malherbe of Non-European

Non European is looking at bow ties and experimenting with their incorporation in the construction of different garments. We are also exploring hues of pastel and sudden splashes of colour that will excite the heart and mind.

Maloti Mothoni of Strato:

The Strato Spring/Summer 2012/13 collection encompasses a fresh combination of pastels on a crisp white backdrop with highlights of our signature red on sporty silhouettes. We aim to create a contemporary Africa by re-defining our identity.”