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October 31, 2016

We all have that one vintage item in our closet that we absolutely love, whether it was handed down by our gran, mom or an aunt, as old as it is, it still has that timeless sense of style. This week we’re following our senior designer Michelle as she takes us through her collection of vintage statement pieces

Michelle’s vintage diary: outfit 1

“‘I’ve been wearing my mom’s old clothes from the 80’s and my gran’s clothes (some from as way back as the 50s) for about 5 years, I love that every piece has it’s own unique story and I’m giving these clothes new life with my own twist. I often also shop at thrift stores and the hospice up my road from my house. Here are some of my favourite vintage pieces.”





My grandfather bought this beautiful silk emerald jacket for my gran 50 years ago. The shoes were hers too, and the pearl bag and gold bracelet. She gave me the gold bracelet for my 21st and it’s something I wear nearly every day. I found this photo of her from when she was in China, wearing the bold bracelet.”




Outfit details:

Emerald jacket: Vintage

Top: Cotton On

Pants: Forever New

Shoes: Vintage

Bag: Vintage

Necklace: Zara