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Video Fashion

June 11, 2012

L2 Think Tank, of NYU, analyses the digital competence of luxury brands. Happily for us they regularly look at the latest happenings in fashion and beauty brands.  This week they’ve published the top 5 fashion videos of the week. For more detail on each of the videos, see their blog. Our take is as follows:

Firstly, for our British week (see Issue 4 for everything British), the Posh part of Brand Beckham and her view on cool Britannia. (We also enjoyed the other music and celeb vids that are part of the “this is GREAT Britain” campaign)

The ultimate urban vibe portrayed in shooting the CFDA nominees and honorees in New York City

And the glamour and personality behind the scenes of the CFDA awards evening

The magnetism of Marc Jacobs combined with seemingly mundane subjects like smoking and sleep!

The mere suggestion of a Louis Vuitton games case