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August 9, 2012

 Danielle’s VIP Coca-Cola guest pass. 

Tickets, passes, maps and more. 

All around the Olympic Park there are art installations by both local and international artists.

Can you spot Danielle in this mirror installation? 

Danielle swears that Glacéau Vitaminwater kept her going while in London.

“@DanielleGRAZIA The magical elixir that’s kept us going on this crazy whirlwind weekend @vitaminwater_za”

Look at the Crowds!

Thank goodness for the Olympic Park map!

Love the attention to detail! This is the hotel ‘do not disturb’ sign. Love it!

 The cover of the amazing book Danielle received. 

 What really caught our eye and Danielle’s attention? This promise of Coca-Cola’s:

And here is an example of how they do it: 


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