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November 28, 2016

For many of us it’s the final push before we have to brave bikini season but don’t worry that doesn’t mean you have to start a taxing juice detox, instead we’ve got seven helpful tips that’ll help you feel more body confident in just seven days…




Start by adding more protein to your daily diet. Numerous studies have linked protein intake with a ghrelin production decrease (ghrelin is the hormone that triggers hunger pangs). If you’re lacking protein in your current eating plan, increase your intake to 1 gram of protein for every 0,5kg of your body weight. This should help prevent you from reaching for the 4pm treat jar…



You may be surprised to hear this but the key to beating the bloat is to ditch the raw vegetables from your diet, RN. Raw veggies contain a cellulose fibre, which we find hard to digest. Lightly steaming them will help to breakdown the cellulose enzymes before you eat them.



We all get urges for junk food and sometimes they can be so impossibly distracting, that it becomes impossible to focus on the task at hand. A recent study proved that unspecified postponement works a treat. – Simply by telling yourself you can have that chocolate, later should be more successful than telling yourself you can’t have it at all.



You may have to reconsider what you’ve always thought is healthy. For instance, it’s not just raw veg that can causing bloating but the fructose found in fruit can have the same effect. Consider following a FODMAPS diet to discover which foods are best for your body. FODMAPS can be pretty confusing so check out for out step-by-step guide!


5. 5pm CARBS

Yip, you read that right! Nutritional therapist Jodie Brandman, recommends taking carbs and sugar out of your diet during the day and then introducing carbohydrates in the evening. Her thinking is that this helps to balance your blood sugar and reduce bacteria that causes bloating. Certainly worth a try!



Triphala supplements are helpful for a gentle bowel cleanse. Unlike traditional laxatives, this herb won’t irritate your bowel but rather tone and strengthen it while cleansing your digestive system. Pick one up from your local health store.



Not only is it important to get exercising but it’s equally as vital to plan your workout. It’s been proven that women who do interval training burn more fat during the rest of the day, which means planning your 25-minute HIIT session in advance could turn your body into a fat-burning machine!